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When the day finally arrived that I move to Secunda in January 2015, I felt afraid, nervous, DOOMED. I had always been a city girl and couldn’t imagine living in a small town like Secunda. Guess what? I survived and continue to survive haha! Here is a list of things to do in Secunda, Mpumalanga:

1) Take a stroll at the park

I really appreciate the parks in Secunda. They are a great escape and relaxation space. There is something so freeing about taking a walk through the park. It refreshes your mind and gives you an appreciation for nature.

2) Get pampered at Rootz Spa

A massage can do wonders! Rootz Spa in Graceland Casino is one of my favourite spots in Secunda. They offer a range of beauty and spa treatments. Men this is for you too!

3) Eat!

Eating is one of the best things to do in Secunda – I mean it haha! Symphonies(at Secunda Mall) is decorated so beautifully and has the most delicious quiche.

Another is Craw Daddy’s in Trichardt. They serve generous portions and have a wide selection of tasty dishes.

4) Shopping (and window shopping)

Sometimes all a girl needs is to walk through the mall and browse through all the wonderful clothes, shoes, perfumes etc without anyone questioning why she is walking out with so many shopping bags. Secunda Mall is my go to for these type of days. The cinema and franchise restaurants such as Spur and John Dory’s are also a hit.

5) Exercise

The local Gym is quite impressive. The facilities include a swimming pool, spinning facilities, a steam room and a wide range of cardio and weight training equipment. When I go to gym I usually opt for the classes as I enjoy working out in groups.
Rori Ntoane agreed saying, ” They’re a great way to meet new people and also have fun.”

6) Enjoy Sundowners at Lake Umuzi

Dros and Ocean Basket and are positioned along Lake Umuziwith outdoor seating options which is perfect for sundowners. There is also a bowling alley at Lake Umuzi (though I have only been once) and a bar with Pool tables (if that’s your vibe).

7) Get creative

One thing that I love doing in Secunda is driving around and finding new corners and streets in which I can get creative and take photos. One of the benefits of doing this in Secunda is that it’s quiet and you won’t have a million people watching you or getting in the way of your shot.

8) Golf

Ok I know nothing about golf but I do know that Secunda has a golf course at Graceland Casino. So if you’re a golfer, Secunda has you covered.

I asked some Secunda residents to help me to make this list longer. Here is their contribution:

Lebohang Sentle added:

9) Live performances at Graceland Casino

“Since I rocked up in Secunda, I have had a proper abs workout thanks to comedy night with David Kau as host. Music concerts by Lira and Micasa at the Casino were truly unforgettable. Due to the limited tickets for the venue, every concert has some element of exclusivity”
Rori Ntoane (@rorisangsan) added:

10) Cycle

“For those who like cycling, you can cycle at the duck pond.” The duck pond is what I referred to earlier as the park. It is a wide stretch of green field with the pond at its center.

11) Dance

“Oh and there’s also a dancing studio at Extension 22/23.”  It’s called Step2Dream dance academy. They offer dance classes across a wide range of dance styles – ballroom, contemporary, hip-hop etc.
Tina Mathobela (@tina1mathobela) added:

12) Fishing

“Trichardt dam is a massive dam with a beautiful sunset view. You can enjoy catch-to-release fishing or have a picnic or braai.”
Zweli (@m_case) added:

13) Paintball

“There’s paintball at Umuzi.” I didn’t know about this. I love paintball! It’s a great activity for children and adults and gets the adrenaline pumping.
Angela Wu (@alegna_23) added:

14) Park Run

“Park Run takes place at 08:00 on Saturdays starting at the park entrance opposite Builder’s Warehouse. A 5km course perfect for walkers, beginners and pro runners. Park Run is a great way to prepare for the multiple 10km and half and full marathons in the year. There are also marathon clubs to join.”
Nikira Soni (@nikira_soni) added;

15) A delicious cure for a bad day…

“Chocolate is cheaper than therapy” – One of the “sweetest” cafes in Secunda that offer the best ‘therapy’ after a long hard work day / week is certainly Eat a Lot Café. It is warm, welcoming and offers a great atmosphere for the ultimate sweet tooth satisfaction…whether it’s fluffy pancakes, monster milkshakes or decadent waffles that you desire, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Eat a Lot Café!

16) Blood Sweat and Cheers with Fellow Engineers

Every Wednesday afternoon at 5pm, a group of Sasol engineers and friends gather at the Secunda Sasol Club top rugby field for some blood pumping fun. The +/- hour sessions alternate between running, endurance and strength training exercises and they are organized and lead by a fellow Sasol employee, Riener Louwrens. The workout sessions are a great way to ‘burn some fuel’ in every sense of the word while meeting some amazing people and making new, lifelong friends…There is certainly no fitness level requirement since the group is uniquely diverse; everyone is most welcome and encouraged to join!

Let me know in the comments if you have something else to add to this list


  • Tshidi Ramabu

    January 10, 2018

    Wow, this is great! My boyfriend moved to Secunda a couple of months ago and we always looking for things to do when I go visit. I really enjoyed Lake Umuzi, we went to Eish!!! and it was a fun afternoon filled with great food and craft beer (which we both love). We are planning on going back to Lake Umuzi for the bowling and the paint balling and some more craft beers!
    Oh ps. Your blog is really great. I love the layout and the sleek lines. Well done!


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