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Is it weird that I will never put Bora Bora in my holiday plans because I’m saving it for my honeymoon?  In the spirit of Valentines Day, I asked 70 women where they would love to go on honeymoon. The results are in!

Out of the 27 countries chosen, these were the ten most popular:


 Beach destinations came out tops in this survey with Maldives taking first prize!

A closer look at the top 5 and why girls chose them

♥ Maldives 


Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Spa (From Elle

Maldives is an island in the Indian Ocean in South Asia. It’s actually the smallest country in Asia. When you Google photos of Maldives, it’s hard to stop scrolling. How can a place be that blue and that gorgeous?!

 You and your love can go whale watching at any time of the year and expect to see some of over 10 species of whales and dolphins that call Maldives homeThe Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Spa is one of many romantic attractions that make Maldives a dreamy honeymoon destination. Yes to couple massages while overlooking crystal clear water!

“I saw it on the Kardashians. It looked peaceful, beautiful and tranquil. A place in which I could really escape life and focus on what’s important at that moment – that’s bae” Minenhle

“Bright blue water, endless beaches and gorgeous sunsets – the ultimate romantic relaxing holiday!” Kerri

“Aside from its staggering beauty, it offers some of the finest hotels and spas in the world.” Lebohang

 ♥ Greece 

Greece looks magical. The modest white buildings on the volcanic caldera and the ocean backdrop make it a great choice for that romantic time away as newly weds. Imagine walking hand in hand along the cobble stone paths in this breathtaking setting.

Stay in a cave hotel built into the walls of the caldera. Take your pick and visit one or more of 300 uninhabited islands. EAT everything! Wear a brightly coloured flowy dress and make bae your photographer. Simply relax and enjoy each other’s company while making unforgettable memories. 

Santorini Greece (From

“I’d definitely go to Greece. It’s beautiful and very different. I just feel like it’s a peaceful and very quiet place. That’s what I like.” Sara

“I’d probably choose Greece (even though it might be a bit cliché). I think it has got a good mix of sightseeing and culture as well as a relaxed beach type of holiday.” Meshka

“There is just something about the blue city and I love the architecture.” Phathu

“We can even have the cheapest wedding with a Pick n Pay cake and just spend our honeymoon in Greece” Buhle

♥ France (Paris) 


It makes sense that Paris is high on the list since it is known as The City of Love. I am witness that Paris is how you imagine it and more. The detail in the architecture of the streets of Paris is so breathtaking that imagining simply strolling through the streets on honeymoon sounds like a dream.

Enjoy a romantic meal while on a cruise on the Seine River or visit the Musee d’Orsay and Musee du Louvre to appreciate the greatest artworks together. And of course, there is something about the Eiffel Tower! Make a toast to your love at the top of the tower over a glass of champagne. Cheers to love ♥

“The Eiffel Tower seems so romantic” Senthusia

” I fell in love with Paris when Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City moved there for some man.” Aviwe

♥ Bora Bora 

It was interesting for me to find out that I am not the only one dreaming of Bora Bora. I love the ocean, especially when the warm Indian Ocean meets white sand and sunshine. To me, a honeymoon in Bora Bora equals the perfect place with the perfect person.

Bora Bora shows off some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. I love snorkeling and would be content with doing that everyday! Actually, I’d love if we tried ALL of the water sports that we can fit in like parasailing, jetskiing, underwater walking and paddle boarding. Besides the perfect blue water you can also try out a 4×4 Jeep island tour.

All of the buildings built into the water blow my mind. For example, you can have a seafood lunch with your table set in the water through the Tanoa Private Tour company.


St Regis Bora Bora Resort (From

“It’s beautiful and romantic and who wouldn’t want the ocean at their doorstep?” Faranah

“I love the beach and there is no one better to enjoy beautiful sand and sun with than your hubby!” Nothemba

“I want to go there so that I can swim to breakfast from my room.” Nyari

“An escape from the fast lane, refreshing air, clear skies that shimmer onto the ocean bed, peace, serenity…” Guni

♥ Bali 

 This Indonesian Island is known for it’s beaches, thick forests, rice fields and calming environment. For those who enjoy hiking, watch the sun rise or sunset from the peak of Mt Batur volcano. Get a thrill out of a couples’ elephant ride through the thick green forest. Taste the world’s most expensive coffee, Kopi Luwak, which is interestingly made from coffee beans taken from the droppings of a Civet cat – dare your partner to try it first! And of course, take it easy on the white sand beaches with your love.


Villa Bukit Naga, Bali (From

“Unbelievably beautiful beaches and it is quiet and peaceful away from the rush.”  Sobz

Thank you to all the wonderful women who contributed to this post. Some of the comments made about other beautiful countries:

Cuba “I would choose Cuba obviously firstly because of all the Latin love that the place represents and the small night clubs that are really just people’s houses you can go to and have intimate romantic dance sessions with your partner. But mostly because it is unexplored teritory and in a way your new marriage is also unexplored teritory that you want to start fresh and pure without intereference from others” Maame

Sweden “I would love to go to Sweden and camp out for a couple of nights under the stars and experience the Aurora lights – just so spectacular and a magical experience to begin our lives with” Amna

Italy “I’ll probably want to go to Verona in Italy because that’s where Shakespeare set out Romeo and Juliet. So what better place to celebrate love, right?” Sharlini

“I’ve always had this obsession with Venice. I just think it’s such a romantic city and country in general. So I’d love to go there.” Nicole

Canada ” Vancouver or somewhere else in Canada. Preferably in winter. It’s a very beautiful place and I like the idea of a wood cabin sort of set up with a fire place.”

Don’t mind me, I’ll be here daydreaming…




  • February 14, 2017

    Such an inspiring post Fari. Well done on the hard work!

  • February 16, 2017

    Very interesting

  • Yolisa

    February 16, 2017

    Can’t believe I forgot about Greece man. Yes 😍 Lol at the pick n pay cake. And that last photo 😂 you always find amazing backgrounds.

  • February 18, 2017

    yes Maldives is nice for 3days relaxing on the beach. For me, I would love honeymoon to be somewhere in Italy, Spain, or Morocco, somewhere not so cold, but can go out on shorts and enjoy both beach and architectural/heritage parts of the town/country.

  • February 28, 2017

    Fantastic post – I’m currently looking for places to go for my honeymoon – feeling very inspired now!

  • December 9, 2017

    I’m one of the women that chose Greece for honeymoon (not in you survey though). I ended up going there with my husband 2 years after our wedding because we needed to save up. And it was all worth the wait!
    I didn’t choose Bali because I’ve been there a lot, since it’s just ‘around the corner’.
    But I did find some similar things between Bali and Santorini.


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