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Most asked questions

How do you pay for travel?🌍

I am not a full time traveller/travel blogger. I work as a chemical engineer and save up monthly for my travel for the year. Fortunately, having this growing travel blog has brought about sponsored travel opportunities. My trips in a year are a combination of self funded, sponsored or partly sponsored trips.

How did you start blogging? 🤔

After completing my degree, I took a trip to Mauritius which began my travel passion. I came back feeling curious about the world and wanting to shout out from the top of a hill that everyone needs to see Mauritius for themselves. Instead of doing that, I started a travel blog called Gophari. I now do all of my shouting out here after each trip.

I started by creating a website and writing blog posts about places I had been to. I also began to consistently post travel content on my social media pages.

I have since travelled South Africa extensively and have also visited Italy, Greece, Thailand & Zambia to name a few. I write travel guides and share useful travel tips that I have learnt along the way. Through Gophari, I keep it real about the barriers that stop Africans from traveling. My goal is to empower more Africans to travel their country
and the world.

How do you balance being an engineer and a traveller?

Since I am working full time as an engineer, I only travel on weekends and when I am on leave. I really have to be disciplined with my leave days in order to maximise my traveling. So I usually only take leave when I am traveling or if I really need to for another reason. I also make the most of weekends to explore South Africa.

As an African traveller, do you only explore African countries?

I call myself an African traveller because I am African. I explore countries across all of the continents. I distinguish that I am African because travelling with an African passport comes with challenges and limitations.

How can I start travelling more?

Start with traveling your home country. You will get better at planning and budgeting for travel and will make less costly mistakes before taking on the world.

Before I realised how much there is to see and do in South Africa, I found myself always going back to the same places. It was either Durban, Cape Town or Sun City. Though I love those places and would still go back to all of them again there is a lot more to South Africa.

Every province is unique and that’s what makes local travel so thrilling.  Go and see the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga or hike to Hole in the Wall in Eastern Cape or spot wildlife in their natural habitat at Kruger National Park or visit Oudtshoorn to see the largest ostrich population in the world. Local travel counts as travel too! There is so much to see and learn in the country you live in.

What Gear do you use?đź“·

In my camera toolkit I have the following items:

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt from travelling?

The greatest lesson travel has taught me is that things aren’t as you think they are. Every time I travel somewhere I have an expectation and a perception of the place based on what I have seen or heard about it. Every single time, my perception is corrected by my experience.

How can I join a Gophari Travel group trip?

How it works:

1) Select a group trip

2) Pay the deposit to secure your spot

3) Pay the remainder of the package off in monthly instalments or in full

4) Arrive for an unforgettable, social, travel experience.

 All of the planning is done for you. All that is left for you is to just show up.