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When it comes to how many pictures you take when you travel, there is no right or wrong way to do it because it’s your trip, it’s your money and your time. Do it the way you want to with no shame! Take a million photos or take none. Whateverrr!

I just want to have fun

I decided to write this after seeing an Instagram post by @leannemcclean of a crowd standing before one of the best sunset view points in the world with their cameras out. She captioned the post saying, “We humans are so strange: with our cameras as our propaganda machines we forsake a moment in order to capture it.”

I want to be able to master the balance of capturing travel moments without missing out on experiencing them to the fullest. I have started practicing the pointers in this post to remain present while getting the shots. If that’s your goal too, give these tips a try.

You don’t need a million pictures of the same thing. When you’ve got the shot you wanted, stop. You can put the cameras away and enjoy the moment. Take a great pic and then get in the water and enjoy yourself!

Direct the person taking your photo well so that you don’t have to re-do the picture over and over again. This includes asking them to let you know if the way you have directed the photo isn’t working out. How funny are those posts about pictures you have taken of others versus the pictures they take of you? Check the first picture before you take a whole bunch of “bad” photos. I think I have mastered this one. My mom calls herself an Instagram mom now.

Use a tripod. It can be annoying for others traveling with you if you keep asking them to take pictures. I have a tripod for my camera and I recently bought a tripod for my cellphone from Typo for R150.

There are some camera accessories that help.  There are GoPro camera accessories that allow you to strap the GoPro camera to your head, chest, bicycle, surfboard etc. So far I only have the stick – like a selfie stick but for a GoPro. It’s easier to grip than actually holding the GoPro and it makes it possible for you to take wide shots of yourself with the background. This tip is slowly turning this post into a “take more photos while you travel” blog post. The point I am meant to be making is that if you free up your hands, you can be present while taking pictures and videos.

Do you have any advice to share on this topic? Leave a comment 🙂


  • Unathi

    June 24, 2018

    I’m so glad that this post started off with saying do what makes you happy – the irony is that Leanne decided to take a pic of these travellers taking pictures of the sunset instead of being unbothered by them and continue to “take in the moment”.

    Other people want to be in the moment and take it in, while others want a picture they can go back to 2, 5 or 10 years from now and be transported back to that moment. All in all – do you.


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